September 2015

September’s almost gone?  How did that happen?  Where did it go?  Oh yes, now I remember . . .

Our area was hit by a windstorm on August 30th. The power was out for about 24 hours. Sadly our crop cages did not make it through the storm.  It was our fault though.  We attached the tomato cages to he frame of the crop cages.  Without that added stress the crop cages probably would have been fine.

The good news is that our tomatoes (mostly) made it through OK.

No Crop Cages

When I’m not busy blogging here, I blog at Bread Machine Diva.  Recently I finally figured out how to make hot dog buns.  Head on over the the Diva site for a recipe and a video on how to form the buns.

How to make hot dog buns

Our house is surrounded by some big trees.  The recent windstorm made us uncomfortably aware of that fact.  So armed with our new pole saw we trimmed branches from a cedar tree.  There were actually branches resting on the roof!

Tree Trimming

And then yesterday The Man of the House and a helpful neighbor took it all the way down.

No Tree

And we’re enjoying a bumper crop of tomatoes and peppers! We’ve come up with some great recipes and I need to post those.


I did a huge project at work.  Another wonderful neighbor gave us 20 pounds of grapes. (More about that later.) It’s been busy . . . and actually the month isn’t over yet.  We may be able to squeeze an adventure or two into the last few days.

End of August Update

Here’s what we’ve been doing . . . .

Picking blackberries: It’s a spidery, hot, prickly and buggy sort of activity.


Cleaning up ferns:  Here’s are before and after photos.  I’ve only got about half a dozen more to go.



Harvesting our tomato and pepper crop:  I can not take any credit for this.  The Man of the House has been doing a great job with the crop cages.  He waters the plants and zips the cages up every night to keep the deer out.  I have been making some great things with the veggies though.  I’ll share a new recipe I found soon.

August Crop Cage

Growing Garlic in Montana

I recently posted instructions for growing garlic.  These work great for growing garlic in the Puget Sound area.  But what if you live in a different part of the country?  Your planting times may vary, so do some Internet research for growing garlic in your location.

I did this for some family members that live in Montana:

Garlic Head

Egyptian Walking Onions

When we lived in Bellevue my parents gave us some Egyptian Walking Onions.  We really like them.  When we lived in our rental for four years we managed to keep a few alive by growing them in pots.  We recently made our first harvest of the onions in our new home.

Walking Onions

The Man of the House planted them last year.  They stayed in the planting bed over the winter and grew nice and big.

Here are some photos from 2007 of the crazy topknots these onions can get.

Walking Onions Topknot

Walking Onions Topknot

You can use walking onions in three different ways:

  • eat the stalks – Use them as you would green onions or scallions.
  • eat the bulblets – This is the topknot of the walking onion. Be sure to save some to replant.
  • eat the bulb – The taste is strong, more like a red onion.