Greenhouse Update – November 2015

Things have slowed down in the greenhouse, but with the help of the grow lights the plants are still alive.  Area temperatures are dropping and it got to 39 degrees in the greenhouse overnight recently.

Vegetable production has slowed dramatically, but The Man of the House harvested a few tomatoes this week along with some huge green peppers.

Speaking of the greenhouse, I wanted to share this photo of the recent work we had done on the RV garage.  It shows that the catwalk was just inches above the greenhouse roof.  That was a piece of precision construction!

RV Garage Repair

Throwback Thursday – Recipe Roundup

I was looking through my old posts and realized I’ve got some great recipes on the site. Here are some of my favorites.

Stove Top Stroganoff – This is tasty and easy, kind of like homemade Hamburger Helper.

Tuna Burgers – This is retro comfort food.

Mom’s Shrimp Salad – Keep this one in mind for Thanksgiving.  It’s really, really good!

Zippy Ham Casserole – This is perfect for leftover ham.

Mexican Hot Dish – We like this so much that we served this for Christmas dinner one year.

Crock Pot Sausage and Potatoes – I’d forgotten all about this recipe.  Hmmm . . . . now that I think of it I’ve got a bunch of potatoes that I need to use.

cooking stove


Greenhouse Still Going

We recently pulled out all the tomatoes and green pepper plants that had been growing beside the house.  It was getting too cold for them at night.

The greenhouse is another story though.  We’re extending the growing season there by using the grow lights twice a day. I notice them most in the morning.  It’s dark when I get up, but there’s the greenhouse glowing in the darkness.

Grow Lights

Here’s a shot of the lighting control panel.  The Man of the House has changed them since this photo was taken.  The lights are on for about an hour in the morning and three hours at the end of the day.

greenhouse temperature controls

New Siding Over the Greenhouse

RV Garage siding work showing scaffold and catwalk. Left side, October 2015.

Showing scaffold and catwalk. Left side, October 2015.

Some of the siding on the RV Garage was failing. It was in the gable over the greenhouse, and I didn’t see a good way to get up there to work on it without damaging the greenhouse. The contractors we called had to give it some thought. One wanted to build a new post inside the greenhouse to support the roof, then rest a scaffold on top. Another planned to use some construction machinery, like a giant forklift, to position their workers just above the greenhouse roof while they worked on the siding. One never called back.

The one we hired used scaffolds on either side of the greenhouse, then built a catwalk over the greenhouse. When I saw it built, it looked easy. Until I tried to figure out how they got it up and how they were going to take it down – they had to do all this without touching the greenhouse itself. But they did, and they did a good job. Here’s the before picture:
RV Garage siding before work began. Shows the failing siding just below the vent. October 2015.

Shows the failing siding just below the vent. October 2015.

and after the work was finished:

RV Garage siding after replacing the siding. October 2015.

After replacing the siding. October 2015.

We got it done (barely) before winter!