Great Start to the New Year

Happy New year

Our new year got off to a great start.  We had a quiet New Year’s at home.  The Man of the House picked the last big batch of peppers for the year.  Our greenhouse isn’t heated, but with the grow lights we’ve been able to get peppers as well as a few tomatoes into January.

I don’t know that I’ve talked about it recently, but I make all our bread with a bread machine. The recipe that I use most often is sour milk bread.

Our Christmas Tree

We’ve got our Christmas tree up.  It doesn’t have a huge pile of presents under it or an angel on the top.  Some of the lights in the middle have gone out.   But to me it’s one of the most beautiful sites at Christmas.Christmas TreeI love unpacking the ornaments every year.  My Aunt Linda made this one.

Christmas Ornament

My Mom made this one . . .


I bought this one years ago and I still think it’s really pretty.


And this is one that I bought at a crafts fair thirty or so years ago.

Zombie Mouse

I think this quote sums it up . . .

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.”
Roast Beef, Medium by Edna Ferber 


The Woods

The Woods

Abut a third to a half of our property is wooded.  As you can see, it’s made up of a mixture of things.  There are deciduous trees and evergreen trees.

At this point I think that many of the deciduous trees are bigleaf maple.  The leaf size and seed description is right.  I’ve also read that they’re the second most abundant tree in the Pacific Northwest.  If I’m right that would be nice as bigleaf maple wood is good for furniture and other projects.

helicopter seeds

helicopter seeds in woods

Additionally the woods are filled with stinging nettle bushes and blackberries.  The stinging nettles are a huge pain, but we’re finding more and more things to do with our blackberry harvest.

New Item for the To-Do List

A few weeks ago we had a huge storm.  There was wind.  There was rain.  And surprisingly things got a little wet inside the house.

The problem is above the front door.


I went outside to put something in the mailbox and discovered that there was water on the top of the door.  The door frame was wet too.

Wet Door

The Man of the House took a quick look in the attic crawl space.  It wasn’t definitive, but that looked OK.  The weather over the next few days should give us an opportunity to check this out.

Greenhouse Update – November 2015

Things have slowed down in the greenhouse, but with the help of the grow lights the plants are still alive.  Area temperatures are dropping and it got to 39 degrees in the greenhouse overnight recently.

Vegetable production has slowed dramatically, but The Man of the House harvested a few tomatoes this week along with some huge green peppers.

Speaking of the greenhouse, I wanted to share this photo of the recent work we had done on the RV garage.  It shows that the catwalk was just inches above the greenhouse roof.  That was a piece of precision construction!

RV Garage Repair