This is our second summer at the new house.  We’re hoping that this invasion, which we’ve experienced both years, isn’t the norm.

The little guy in the photo is a tent caterpillar.  He, and about a million of his buddies, have come to visit.  They’re on the ground, in the trees, in the bushes, in the house and I even found one in the bedroom carpet the other day.

Tent Caterpillar

Some of our neighbors recommend cutting the caterpillar nests out of the trees early in the year.  Then they burn the nests.  Other neighbors attack in the fall by scraping the eggs off of branches and then burning them.  There’s also the chemical method.  Wasp spray will usually work on tent caterpillar nests as well.


Friday is Wine Making Day

In the future we plan to add a wine making area to the RV garage.  Until then we’ve designated Fridays as Wine Making Days.  That means that on Fridays I clear out of the kitchen and The Man of The House as free reign in the kitchen.

Some wine making days he makes wine.  But last Friday we bottled some raspberry mead. (Interested in making mead?  Click here for a simple mead recipe.)

Bottling day


raspberry mead

The mead tastes great, but is a little fizzy.  So we’re storing it in the garage refrigerator.

garage refrigerator