When is a Bargain Not a Bargain? — 2 Comments

  1. I am glad you are thinking about growing green beans.
    Now, if you don’t like green beans, I would not even bother.
    There is no comparisan between fresh and canned. Frozen is 2nd.
    I like green beans, the Dutch grow up on vegies, all kinds, but they were always fresh.
    Before you decide on growing, buy some fresh green beans try them and find out what prep work is involved. A can, none. Frozen, a little cooking. Fresh: cleaning, string removing and cooking.

  2. That’s a good idea about trying out the beans first. Can you imagine having a garden full of beans and then deciding that you don’t like them? Yikes!

    I think I’ll have to buy some fresh ones and see. I think I’ll like them though. I don’t hate our beans. And I actually had some beans from the garden when I went to Idaho. Those were yummy!

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