Hot Dog Bun Pan — 3 Comments

  1. “I also enjoyed the fact that I knew everything that went into them.”

    It’s a shame that you can’t say the same for the hot dogs…

  2. Hey, glad you like the hotdog bun pan – I do too! Makes awesome lobster salad sandwiches – if you can afford lobster – but tuna salad is good, too. Try brushing the buns with butter and putting on the griddle for that real Howard Johnson’s effect… And thanks for the link to our site. Cheers! PJ Hamel, King Arthur Flour

  3. Thanks for the review!
    I’ve been yearning for these buns since I was a kid and a local olace in Birmingham used them at the counter. I remember they toasted all sides of the outside and it was outstanding!
    I dont own a breadmaker, and so far, all my explorations in baking have been in the “no knead” style. But I can say, every loaf has been a huge hit! I might break down and buy this pan, my first baking purchase (well flour based baking yaknow) and try a shrimp salad sandwich w hotdogs until I find a place that sells monkfish, I find loads of recipies that say that monkfish tastes just like lobster, and this is something I need to try!

    Thanks for the review, years after posting, it’s still helping people. (BTW to Ken, while your correct about the nature of hot dogs, if you buy Kosher hot dogs, your pretty safe, thats all we buy, and at Costco, they are very reasonable)

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